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​Structural Mechanics

Compute deformations, stress, and strains in solid materials using linear, non-linear, and multibody dynamics.  Accurate and realistic simulations are bringing durable structures, reducing design cycles, and eliminating physical testing to a great extent.

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Model Complex Structural Engineering problems faster

  • Advanced simulations for deformations, stress, and strains in solid materials using linear, non-linear, and multibody dynamics.

  • GPU-optimized solver for fast analysis.

  • Accurate finite element analysis for in-depth structural behaviors

In-depth analysis of Structural and Coupled field behaviors

  • In-depth analysis of structural and coupled field behaviors.

  • Simulation of product safety for shock, drop, and vibration tests, impact, and penetration.

  • Supports linear elasticity, non-linear elasticity, and multi-body dynamics for 2D and 3D structures.

  • Accelerated derivation of parallelizable codes for complex coupled problems.

Solve The Toughest Challenges

  • Accurately simulates structural phenomena with high-performance computing and quantum algorithm.

  • Wide range of simulations, including extreme deformation problems

  • Replaces expensive trial-and-error processes.

  • Improves lead times and reduces costs.

  • Increases efficiency across the entire product development process.

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