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Our Vision

To be the premier Simulation software company utilizing Quantum Computing to serve enterprise customers

Our Mission

To serve customers achieve faster time to market while making their products safer and sustainable

Our Motivation

Time-to-market is critical for engineering-heavy industries, heavily reliant on simulations in the product lifecycle.  Despite supercomputers, computing power remains the bottleneck, taking months. Quantum computers offer immense processing power and a solution to significantly reduce time-to-market and save costs.

Our Philosophy

Emerging technologies pose challenges, and Quantum computing is not an exception. To keep our promise to customers, we have formulated short-term and long-term strategies. Our immediate focus is on hybrid approaches using NISQ-era Quantum computers and classical HPCs. While delivering this, we strive to develop fault-tolerant methods for future simulations.

Our Etymology

Our company honors the Indian physicist Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose, who inspired the naming of the elementary particle in quantum mechanics, Boson.


Additionally, our name includes the fundamental quantity Psi, which describes the state of a quantum particle.

Join us in making

Engineering Simulations

Smarter | Faster | Efficient | Cost-effective

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