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Thermal Analysis

BQPhy’s intuitive user interface allows an uncomplicated way to innovate solutions simultaneously at scale to engineering challenges.  Simulate Advanced Heat Radiation, conduction, and convection with BQPhy’s GPU-optimized solver.


Advanced Thermal Analysis

  • Quantum algorithms and high-performance computing, model complex thermodynamic systems accurately

  • Study heat conduction, convection, and radiation exchange

  • Increased Parallelizability

Hybrid Solver

  • Hybrid quantum-classical finite element framework (HQCFE)

  • Ensures the robustness of the finite element method for solving highly coupled problems.

Designed for Industry-specific applications

  • Streamlining design processes for avoiding product hang-ups during prototyping and testing

  • Solvers to help the engineering team solve the most complex thermal challenges and adjust designs to achieve peak performance.

  • Intuitive User Interface provides an uncomplicated way to innovate solutions and simultaneously simulate

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