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BosonQ Psi accepted into Microsoft for Startups and Azure Quantum Credits program

May 10, 2022: BosonQ Psi (BQP), a Quantum-powered simulation software startup announced that it has been accepted into Microsoft for Startups and Azure Quantum Credits program. Together with Microsoft, BQP aims to provide quantum-powered technology in the simulation industry as a service. Using Azure cloud computing, BQP will be using Microsoft’s technology to develop, grow & scale its simulation software. With the help of IonQ, Honeywell, Rigetti and other quantum hardware present on the Microsoft Azure cloud, BQP would be providing breakthrough solutions for industrial-level applications.

Abhishek Chopra, Founder and CEO of BQP, commented that “With the help of Azure cloud credits from Microsoft, BQP will be able to build a more robust cloud infrastructure while increasing its developer velocity and automated workflows with tools such as Github Enterprise”.

BQP will leverage Microsoft Azure Quantum Platform to build Quantum powered simulation software that will help in innovation-heavy industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, and Manufacturing. “Such cross-functional endeavors will aid in moving the Quantum ecosystem forward thus helping various industries globally,” Abhishek added.

About BosonQ Psi:

BosonQ Psi is a software venture that leverages the power of Quantum computing to perform simulations. It builds simulation capabilities utilizing a hybrid infrastructure of quantum computers and classical high-performance computers (HPC) to highlight near-term value additions to our customers. Additionally, they are exploring new ways to perform simulations for fault-tolerant quantum computers in the future. Founded in September of 2020, BQP has been recognized both in the Indian and global Quantum ecosystems in a short span of time. It is currently working on proof-of-concepts and pilots with various companies from automotive and aerospace sector with its novel product, BQPhy™- the world’s first Quantum-powered simulation-as-a-service (Q-SaaS) based software suite. BQP finished as a top finalist in BMW-AWS Quantum computing challenge 2021 and is currently part of the University of Bristol/Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre (QTEC) 's QUEST program.

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