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BQP invited to DARPA workshop on Quantum-Classical Fluid Dynamics

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

BQP invited to DARPA workshop on Quantum-Classical Fluid Dynamics

BosonQ Psi (BQP), a leading software startup in the Quantum-CAE market, was invited by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to the “Quantum-classical correspondences in hydrodynamics” workshop. DARPA, the R&D agency of the US Department of Defense, released an RFI to which BQP responded with a proposal that addressed how correspondences in quantum and classical fluid transport behavior can be utilized to develop Quantum algorithms to study turbulence in classical fluids.

The proposal was led by the founders, Rut Lineswala (CTO) and Abhishek Chopra (CEO), who bring an extensive background in fluid and hydrodynamics, as well as studied and performed research on turbulence using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

“This invitation to present our research is a testament to BQP’s novel expertise, which lies at the intersection of computational science (fluid dynamics, structural dynamics, design optimization, etc.) and quantum computing. The mission of BQP is to push the boundaries in the field of computational sciences with quantum computing and HPC,” said Abhishek Chopra.

“Study of quantum fluids and turbulence can aid in understanding classical turbulence. We at BQP are diligently working on finding such correlations to develop novel Quantum computing algorithms to solve the most challenging problems like turbulence, nonlinear, and out-of-equilibrium flow problems.” stated Rut Lineswala.

Nonlinear and out-of-equilibrium flow problems are ubiquitous in sectors such as aerospace, defense, energy, and others. This is one of the oldest and unsolved challenges for traditional simulation solvers. These problems involve highly complex and unpredictable fluids at varying temperatures, pressures, and velocities. Traditional methods use expensive computing power to simulate real-world scenarios, which makes it inefficient and time-consuming.

Quantum computing algorithms can revolutionize the field of simulation, addressing resiliency and efficiency concerns. By exploiting quantum mechanics, BQP demonstrated how these algorithms can one day achieve greater computational efficiency than traditional methods, which significantly reduces the amount of computing power required. In turn, this reduction can help in reducing operational costs and time spent on simulations, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

BQP is honored to participate with leading research communities, including academia, industry, and the US government, to evolve quantum-based algorithm science and validate BQP’s quantum-centric approach to solving complex engineering problems.

About BosonQ Psi

BosonQ Psi (BQP) is an enterprise SaaS software venture developing BQPhy®️ , which leverages the power of quantum computing to accelerate complex engineering simulations for automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors. BQP can help its customers bring products to market faster and reduce overall costs for production and recall. BQP currently brings state-of-the-art simulation capabilities integrated with Quantum-inspired algorithms, which can run on today’s HPC and provide near-term value. It is also working on hybrid-classical algorithms for future simulation capabilities. The company is part of startup programs by IBM, Intel, AWS, Microsoft, TCS, and Tech Mahindra. It has raised over a million dollars from private equity and government grants.

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