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BQP's Year-End Review 2023: Pushing the Boundaries of Simulations

In 2023, BQP focused its efforts on pushing the capabilities of its simulations suite to model complex multi physics scenarios more accurately and robustly, and deliver unparalleled value to its clients and investors.

Product Development: Alpha Launch of BQPhy

One of the key highlights of the year was the alpha launch of BQP's flagship product, BQPhy. This simulation platform aims to disrupt the approach to complex simulations prevalent in auto, aerospace defense and pharma among others.

Through our early collaboration with design partners we are developing proof of pilot use cases industry-specific use cases to ensure that BQPhy caters to the unique needs of various sectors.

The invaluable early feedback received from these partners has fuelled the development of our Beta version, slated to release in early 2024.

Business & Funding

BQP is working with 10 design partners to pilot initial use cases for complex industrial simulations on BQPhy Alpha. With the product gaining traction, BQP also raised another round of funding..

Further, BQP signed up strategic partnerships with Quest Global and Capgmeni to solve Complex Engineering Problems with Quantum Applications.

Participation in Prestigious Programs

BQP was selected for the highly regarded Alchemist Accelerator, a program designed specifically for enterprise technology start-ups. BQP's inclusion in the HUSTLE Defense Accelerator program by Griffiss’ Institute showcased its expertise in defense-related simulation solutions.

The company emerged as the winner of the demo day, securing a prize money of $100,000 from the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate. This accomplishment not only validated BQP's capabilities but also provided added momentum for further growth and development.


BQP was invited to prestigious quantum forums to showcase their innovative simulation solutions in India and around the globe. Abhishek Chopra was invited as a Valedictorian Speaker at the prestigious Asian CFD in Bangalore.

BQP also won the Start-up pitch at World Quantum Congress translating to ROI for customers specifically in aerospace, defence and automotive industries.

Aditya Singh led lively interactions with experts and enthusiasts at in Germany through the German Indo Start-up exchange program and Q2B event at Tokyo.

Team Expansion

To further this mission, BQP expanded its team by on boarding a mix of industry veterans, optimization scientists and enthusiastic interns. Along with an unbridled passion to solve the unsolvable, they bring a wealth of experience, expertise and energy to the organization.

Looking forward to 2024!

As the year draws to a close, Team BQP is pumped up for yet another eventful ride in 2024

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