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BQP joins the Intel® oneAPI for Startups Program

We are excited to announce that BosonQ Psi(BQP) has joined the Intel oneAPI for Startups. This program is designed to help startups grow and succeed by providing them with access to advanced technology, expert guidance from Intel engineers and industry leaders, business support, and connections with industry partners and investors.

Being part of this program enables BQP to scale up its Quantum-powered simulation-as-a-service platform by leveraging the Intel oneAPI resources. This includes access to Compute Infrastructure, and Intel software tools, including credits on the Intel Cloud, with support from domain experts.

BQP recently launched its alpha version of its Quantum-powered SaaS suite. In addition to the resource support, The Intel oneAPI program will help BQP leverage Intel’s marketing channels to get early feedback, improve user experience and achieve breakthrough innovations with quantum-powered simulations in the long term.

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