Job Description

Structural Solver Developer

BosonQ Psi is looking for a Computational Structural Developer (multiple positions with varying experience levels) to accelerate our growth to join our world-class and disruptive team. We are developing the world's first-ever Multiphysics software that leverages the power of Quantum computing technology.

Your responsibilities

As part of the team, you will be developing state-of-the-art SaaS computational structural mechanics (CSM) solver as part of our cutting-edge software. Your responsibility will ensure a well-designed, high-quality, robust implementation; efficient operation; and strong scalability. As part of your job, you will be expected to:

  • Interact with the product design team to understand the new CSM techniques or features requirement

  • Collaborate with Quantum computing team to understand the development requirements and constraints 

  • Research on underlying physics of techniques or features requirements by conducting the literature reviews of academic research papers and industrial technical reports to formulate the CSM solution standards

  • Develop the CSM simulation strategies based on the standards and automate the whole process

  • Validate and benchmark the CSM development against analytical and experimental data

  • Assist the technical support team as required


  • Degree in Civil/Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering Computational Science or related discipline Master's or Ph.D

  • In-depth knowledge of Finite Element Method (FEM) techniques for problems including but not limited to Static, Transient, Modal, Harmonic, Random (PSD), and Non-linear mechanics.

  • Experience of about 3-5 years (for Senior developer) / 1-3 years (for Junior developer) in implementing numerical methods in non-linear mechanics

  • Expertise in high-fidelity CSM and higher-order FEM

  • Expertise in either of the following languages C/C++

  • Experience in scripting languages, e.g., Python, Shell script

  • Experience with software version control (Git preferred) and collaborative development

  • Experience with development in a Linux environment

  • (Optional) Experience in multi-team, joint software development, including source control and collaborative design and code reviews.

You should be highly motivated and dynamic, have good communication and analytical skills, be a problem solver, be a team player, and meet the highest quality standards.

Our Offering

We offer to work in a stimulating, young, and multicultural environment and be part of a dynamic and growing company. We propose a competitive package and excellent job growth opportunities and mobility within BosonQ Psi.