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BosonQ Psi finds home in Bengaluru on its 2nd anniversary

On the auspicious occasion of its 2nd anniversary on 4th Sept. this year, BQP set its headquarters at HSR Layout, one of the well-known start-up hubs in the city of Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The new office will house the tech teams comprising quantum computing, simulation engineering, software development, and marketing and management teams. After the influx of funding, the BQP tech team has accelerated the development of BQPhy, the world’s first Quantum-SaaS engineering simulation software. BQPhy has reached its Alpha stage and will soon be opened to a selected set of individuals and, later, to enterprises for feedback.

Abhishek Chopra, Founder & CEO, said - “We have seen an overwhelming increase in customer traction over the last several months, which led to the opening of our new office in Bangalore. It is important for the team to work in close collaboration to fulfill this traction in the form of POCs and pilots while developing the product. When the constraint of communication and translations is removed, the members can spend more energy synergizing and having fun together.”

This was an important investment, and the opening couldn’t have coincided at a better time than our 2nd anniversary,” expressed Jash Minocha, Founder & CFO. Having spent his undergraduate years in Bengaluru while studying at Christ University, Jash knows the ecosystem that the city provides for tech startups.

“The plan is to bring the teams together as this would promote the collaboration and office culture which is integral to the product we are building,” said Rut Lineswala, Founder & CTO.

Aditya Singh, Founding Member & Head of Growth, who played an integral role in setting up the office, expressed his opinions, “Dreams don’t work unless you do, and this milestone is only the beginning of one of the many forthcoming achievements.”

This is the grand news, and we are proud of our team who made this possible!

About BosonQ Psi –

BosonQ Psi, popularly known as BQP is a software venture that leverages the power of Quantum computing to perform simulations. They build simulation capabilities utilizing a hybrid infrastructure of quantum computers and classical high-performance computers (HPC) to highlight near-term value additions to their customers. Additionally, they are exploring new ways to perform simulations for fault-tolerant quantum computers in the future.

The name, BosonQ Psi, pays tribute to the great Indian physicist Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose, after whose name the elementary particle in quantum mechanics, Boson, was named and further incorporates the fundamental quantity that describes the state of the quantum particle - Psi, thus symbolizing the company’s Indian origin and fundamental goal to become a global leader in Quantum paradigm shift.

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