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BQP initiatives to promote quantum computing in Universities, Colleges and Schools

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Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize many industries, and India, given its immense engineering talent, can become the global hub for quantum computing. But to realize the country’s goal, there is a need to nurture India’s immense engineering talent. The BQP University and school outreach program is an integral part of this effort to educate them on the concepts of quantum and explain the various possibilities, industrial applications, and rapid advancements in this space of quantum computing.

Article in TOI featuring insights from the BQP leadership team on India’s engineering talent that can deliver the country’s ambition to become a global hub.


As a deep tech start-up, BQP is advancing the quantum computing and multi-physics engineering ecosystem by fostering collaboration between industry, academia, and government. 

The BQP founding and leadership team engages with universities, institutions, and schools and provides practical quantum computing applications. The various initiatives include hackathons, workshops, faculty development programs, and seminars.


Karthikganesh Durai, Chief Quantum Architect delivered a session on Quantum applications at Dayanand Sagar University.

The hackathons and workshops are an excellent opportunity for students and researchers to discover the immense power of quantum and how they could solve real-world challenges of the future. BQP also promotes and seeds quantum computing clubs in various institutions for tech enthusiasts to join and learn from peer groups

At the school level, BQP’s nurturing program introduces the basic concepts of quantum through interactive sessions to high school students. The program aims to stoke their interest in the deep tech field of quantum, simulations, and engineering, which helps them make future career choices.

 The outreach initiatives by BQP with institutions are pathways to enhance quantum skills and be career-ready. So do write to us if you are looking at initiatives to promote quantum computing, and our team would be happy to partner and support the best possible way to make it a success.  

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