October 19, 2021

It is with immense pride that we share the news that BQP has qualified for 2nd and Final round of BMW Group and Amazon Web Services (AWS) #quantumcomputing challenge for Material Deformation use case!! Congratulations to Bhargav DasAnant SharmaRut LineswalaAbhishek Chopra and special mention to Abhigyan Mishra!

March 19, 2021

An idea that has ignited a revolution! But there is a long road ahead of us. We at BosonQ Psi are committed to putting India on the map of the global quantum technology landscape. To achieve this, all stakeholders like startups, institutes, and government need to come together and create an ecosystem and join hands with global partners to make the Quantum dream a possibility!

March 14, 2021

The disruptive technology of Quantum Computing has erupted as an emerging and blooming ecosystem. Elated to see BosonQ Psi mentioned as a key player in this ecosystem! This report extensively talks about the technology from an application perspective and how can industry start leveraging this technology at the accelerator level.

The technology will require such an ecosystem to thrive and become a paradigm. A strong collaboration between hardware, software, applications, investment, science, and engineering players is required to achieve a paradigm shift.

Click here to read the full report.

March 7, 2021

"Quantum Technology is our future and the future is approaching faster than before. To realize the immense potential of quantum technology, a strong workforce is required. This is where Aatma Nirbhar Bharat (Self-Reliant) India can contribute to the world". Read an inspiring interview of our CEO who talks current and future landscape of #QuantumComputing in India.

Feb 18, 2021

"Sharing those 10 mins with such experienced and successful individuals made me realize that BosonQ Psi is definitely doing something significant to deserve their time and effort. It gives me an inner joy to head such a wonderful team of young and energetic people backed up by experienced advisors and individuals. Such instances fill me with a lot of motivation that in just a matter of few months we have reached top platforms like these and thus pushes me to do something extraordinary",  Abhishek Chopra (CEO, Founder)

Jan 14, 2021

We look forward to sharing dialogue about quantum computing with dignitaries in policymaking, industry, academia, and investors.

Dec 31, 2020

We’ve been selected as the winner of Deep Tech and Software/SAAS category in the Local Startup Meet 2020 organized by Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur ! It is amazing what you can achieve in such little time when you have such a great team. We would also like to extend our profound gratitude towards Mr. Ashish Khare for his invaluable support throughout this journey!

Dec 19, 2020

With more than 200 participants who went through extensive lectures and 2 phases of fierce competition, BosonQ Psi declares its two winning teams!

Dec 14, 2020

We strive to improve ourselves every day and thereby taking small steps towards becoming a world-class organization. We have been awarded #AWS credits worth $5000 and business support worth $1500 and 80 credits for self-paced labs.

BosonQ Psi was published in Quantum Daily - "India-born Startup Focuses on QC Computational Fluid Dynamics Solution For Aerospace Industry"

Oct 3, 2020

BosonQ Psi, founded this year in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India, is an initiative that wants to 'lead the paradigm shift in the marriage of quantum computing and multiphysics engineering simulations'.

Oct 8, 2020

Through this initiative we hope to inspire the quantum enthusiastic women out there reading this and motivate more of them to pursue this field, to ensure that women in science get the exact same attention for their work, access to research funding and infrastructure, as well as access to networks of experts.

BosonQ Psi received DIPP startup recognition from the Government of India

Sept 19, 2020

Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to catalyse startup culture and build a strong and inclusive ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. The main goal of Startup India is to ensure that each startup transforms into a viable business and is able to scale its growth. Keeping this in mind, Startup India recognises startups in order to give them exclusive benefits. - "Startup India DIPP Recognition Benefits" by Abhijeet