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Take your simulations to the next level

State of the art engineering simulation solvers and novel quantum algorithms for faster and accurate simulations.

Proof of concept Pilot

Thermal analysis of plate heat exchanger using BQPhy


Heat exchangers are widely used devices for heating and cooling from making your homes comfortable during frigid cold winters to efficiently running large scale industrial processes. This simulation test demonstrates the running of the PHE simulation on Quantum computers...

Media Mentions

"BosonQ Psi – Shaping the Future of Quantum-Powered Simulations-as-a-Service"

By Benjamin Wolba


 Associate @ Lunar Ventures

"Quantum computing can solve EVs safety woes"



By Times of India

BQP mentioned in "The quantum revolution in India"



By NASSCOM and Avasant​

BQP named as one of the top 8 startups leading the quantum computing race in India

By Analytics India Magazine​

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