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Our Vision

To be the premier Simulation software company utilizing Quantum Computing to serve enterprise customers

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To serve customers achieve faster time to market while making their products safer and sustainable


With any emerging technology, there are key challenges that need to be addressed and Quantum computing is no different. Hence, we have developed near-term and long-term philosophies to uphold our promise to our customers. ​In the near term, we strongly believe that hybrid approaches utilizing NISQ-era Quantum computers and classical HPCs will deliver the benefit. While focusing on delivering this approach to our customers, we continue to push the boundaries and develop fault-tolerant approaches for future-ready simulations.


For engineering-heavy industries, time to market is the most critical metric. These industries heavily rely on simulations in every part of their product lifecycle. The computing power is the biggest bottleneck for these simulations, even with supercomputers, as they can take months to finish. The solution lies in the next-in-line computing technology - Quantum computers, which with their immense processing power, will significantly reduce time to market and save huge costs


Our name pays tribute to the great Indian physicist Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose after whose name the elementary particle in quantum mechanics, Boson, was named. Further, it incorporates the fundamental quantity that describes the state of the quantum particle - Psi. 

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