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A state-of-the-art venture that is leading the paradigm shift in the marriage of Quantum Computing and Multiphysics Simulations

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Large-scale computation of complex real-life and industrial processes, that utilizes multiphysics simulations to understand them, continues to push the ever-growing need for higher computing power. These computations take months and sometimes years to finish even with the largest supercomputers. Additionally, current age supercomputers are gradually approaching their power limits as they may need more electricity than is possible to deliver.

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Quantum computers promise that it could not only deliver untold processing power but also help us to solve problems that are not possible with existing supercomputers. The possibility to harness the power of quantum computers is endless and we at BosonQ Psi thrive to push the boundaries of quantum computing technologies to serve our clients. We have made it our mission to bring these possibilities to the hands of every person - from a scientist to an industry professional, from a professor to a student.



We are developing world-class quantum computing software solutions including but not limited to computational fluid dynamics, computational structural dynamics, computational heat transfer, multidisciplinary optimization, computational aeroacoustics. These technologies will address key challenges in the field of aerospace, automotive, power generation, chemical manufacturing, polymer processing, petroleum exploration, medical research, meteorology, and astrophysics.


Quantum Computing is in its infancy, similar to what current computers were in 1950s. At the same time, it has shown immense potential thanks to science. That is what we aim for - growing with the technology itself as we feel to make a real difference it is important to foresee the future. Current Quantum computers can solve well defined "toy problems" which can compete with your laptop's in terms of performance. We continue to research and develop innovative quantum algorithms that can scale up pretty well with large quantum computers.

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