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Simulate with Q-SaaS

Accelerate time-to-market using

Quantum-powered simulation

as a service



World's first Quantum-powered cloud simulation software

for enterprise customers 

Faster Turnaround
Our software is equipped with high-accuracy CAE solvers developed from the ground up by domain experts to deliver the Quantum advantage  

Design Optimization

Conduct design exploration study to improve performance while reducing the cost of production 


Structural Mechanics

Compute deformations, stresses, and strains in solid materials using linear, non-linear, and multibody dynamics


Thermal Analysis

Compute temperature variations through all the modes of heat transfer, namely conduction, convection and radiation

Our software suite will continuously expand to solve the most challenging problems in the CAE world

Why BosonQ Psi?

The possibility to harness the power of quantum computers is beyond imaginable. With visionary founders and highly intellectual cross-functional teams, we have taken the first steps. With proprietary solvers, we will deliver powerful simulations to solve million-dollar problems of our customers from sectors where we have deep subject matter expertise and experience to understand their pain points.

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